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Darwin's theory of evolution represents the official doctrine. But what are the reasons for the fact that an apparently correct theory is still so controversial? This book is written as a reference book in novel form, as this form may constitute the discussion particularly clear without assuming detailed or specialized knowledge of the reader. Scientific knowledge is put across in an entertaining way which even might fascinate readers who don’t like ordinary reference books.
This book is like a detective novel which presents all proponents and opponents with all their motives and errors, analyzes them from a logical perspective and then takes them subsequently into an interrogation. In addition to known facts the reader will find a variety of new, lesser known insights and perspectives. As in a detective novel new facts and approaches will gradually become visible, that allow the reader to understand, what really is scientifically proven and what are just hypotheses. The conclusion might not just entirely be what you expect in first place.

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Evolution from an Alien Perspective
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